Title : Mirror Puppet

Dates : May 3, 2002~Open Run

Time : Every Saturday at 7:30

Admission fee : Adult ,Student 15,000 won    

                         Children 10,000 won

Place : Haneol Theater

Reference : tel. 02-766-7010  Mobile phone 010-5131-4301

E-mail : haneol@haneol.net


Mirror Puppet is a silent drama that has no lines and it is only formed of mime, rhythmic movements, facial expressions and gestures. Because it has no words the audience can view it with the sound of sweet music, fantastic facial expressions, and gestures. You can enjoy a real active and free expression of theatrical work.

Mirror Puppet is an interesting drama that gives an impetus to a very free imagination and fantasy without any limits, exciting the intelligence,  susceptibility and passion at the same time.

Wouldnt you like to meet the new face of theater of the 21th century? That is what the Haneol Theatrical Company presents through Expression.