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Happiness comes from a mental satisfaction and richness of the mind.

If the spirit is indigent and the mind is in desolation, we are alive but we are just like a dead person. Do you want to see a play or a movie only with your eyes? Or would you like to experience them immediately with your whole body? Wouldnt you like to be personally an actor on the theater-stage or to be a producer or an author who writes a play? Wouldnt you like to be an actor in a film or an author who designs a scenario? Dont we say life is a theater and the human being is an actor?

There is nobody who is not an actor and artist indeed.



We just dont play.

The 'Haneol Theater Film Academy' was founded with the intention to popularize and make common the habit of going to the theater, film and art-culture.

Haneol is your place to rest.

I love your dream, romance and passion.

Hahaha (Hae-Nim laught beside me)


                                                                                                             May 9, 2000  8:50pm