2000.8.27 Don't trap me. Han Ul Lee





2000.8.12 That sea. Sarah Lee





1999. 8. 2 Until the day the sea divides. Han Ul Lee





2000.7.14 The thousand years old pine tree. Hae Nim Lee





1999.3.5 Snowing night. Ga Ram Lee






2002.2.10 The friend of the happy flower. Sarah Lee





2000.8.11 The yacht. Ga Ram Lee





2000.8.14 The sea in the sunset. Han Ul Lee





1999.7.2 Dragon. Hae Nim Lee





2003.3.13 People at the starlight night. Sarah Lee





 2000.2.7 The grandma selling ballon in the sun country. Han Ul Lee





2000.11.11 The mountain putting arms around each other's shoulder. Hae Nim Lee





2000.9.10 Illusion. Sarah Lee





2001.7.17 The girl's curly hair should be the sea. Ra Ram Lee





2000.8.20 The tree of mystery. Sarah Lee





2000.8.14 Sunflower. Ga Ram Lee